A Way To Deal With Wrong Choices?

        I have wondered over and over and over, over a few decisions, about a few choices and regarding some reactions. What if there could have been some better option? What if there was another way? What if it wasn’t the best decision ? uncertainties have always surrounded us and like there […]

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Shining #Selfie Each Day With #Mobiistar Dual Selfie Camera Phone

  With the rise of the sun or  the slow f Fading dawn, the moments of togetherness or the doleful facebook post, We never cease to capture.  Because Yes life is really beautiful to be backpacked home. 😚🌸 We have evolved with innovations or more appropriately innovations have evolved with us. There is so much […]

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Strive Towards Emotional Stability – Nitaai Sound Breathing and Miraculuous Effects

Strive Towards Emotional Stability   Happiness! Isn’t that  what we all are seeking for in our loved ones, jobs, possessions, our health and well-being, and our material wealth? Unfortunately the blatant truth is that each of these things can be taken away from us at anytime.  Trauma is a phenomena that occurs to most of […]

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