Simplifying life  #LIFEatitsBEST (DAY – 10)

Hello folks ! I am happy for your presence on the last day of our 10 day motivational series – #LIFEatitsBESTI hope you were inspired by all our articles and the people behind them took your heart. 

Mornings are meaningful

as I have a goal to rise up for !

Night aren’t so dark but peaceful

as it quitely witness my passion !

Land Streches itself for me

as I ahead in the right direction !

If we have a goal , the passion & zeal to realise it and finally if we ahead in the right direction , the roads to our succes are automatically laid. 🙂


☆ DREAM –> ♡ DECIDE♡ –> DO☆

1 . Simplifying life :-

The simplest is the most beautiful and adorable. Complexity has its own meanings and value but when it comes to our life , we cannot afford  complexity and randomness because they leave us confused and blank !! In order to achieve our goal we badly need a clear vision , a set and prescribed path with determined mind.

How can we achieve this ? Here you go with a few practical ways to keep your life simple and clear (only in terms of your goals & dreams 😉 )

Take your time and decide :-  Do not wander again & again aimlessly. The first step for a journey is to know the path for it. And even before  the path , we need to know in which direction to go ? Thus take satisfactory time to decide your primary goal .

Label it on four steps :-

Vision – Mission – goal – objective !! The vision is your ultimate summit. The point where you want to reach ultimately. Mission is your secondary target which is very much crucial to reach the summit. Goals are your tertiary targets and objectives are those challenges that you give to yourself repeatedly in a short period. Remember!! Each objective is a step towarss that Vision.

Make a dream book :– This is something I include everywhere. It gives a life to our dreams. Have your dream book today. Not necessarily be it like a fantascy book but just a simple dairy that tells everything you want to do in this life.  Give each and every dream ( big , small , petty , timid !! 😉 ) a space in it.

Set personal , Spiritual & Relationship goals :- once we know the direction , paths are automatically traced out. Also if we know what to hunt for , it takes lesser time to succeed. Similarly , in the buisness of life prevent losses by setting levels. Ask yourself what you want from your relationship ? From yourself ?  And pen down. Also it will prevent you from being diverted again and again. (As the world is round , you will come back the same place !!  😉 )

Open your arms for change :-  sometimes accidents like LOVE  happens which throw our set goals away and sit over everything like boss. 😉  Also a few times life throws a googly and our set goals need to be changed. Do not resist yourself to change. Remember even if life demands a change , it is only for your goals and objectives… the vision is still the same and will always be.

Life & Time :- and the last , let me remind you its not lllllliiiiiiffffeeeeee but just Life. Similarly its not ttttiiiiiimmmmmeeeee but just Time.  Thus value both and dont waste them anyway , anywhere.  Very near is your death bed , LIVE NOW !!

 Last and the most important ,  Never doubt your dream (until it is about murdering or robbing somebody 😉 !! ) Respect your dream , Accept the nights  for  brighter mornings & run your own race because God has set different standards for you because you are only one of your kind !! Copying or mimicking will not work !! 🙁

I hope all our lovely & lively readers loved , enjoyed our series , #LIFEatitsBEST and took some inspiration home !! 🙂            

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Thanks a ton for your love and support. 

Live simple ,  Live best

chase your dream , leave the rest !! 🙂

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