BOOK REVIEW- No Matter What I do   by Devanshi Sharma

Book – No Matter What I Do

Author –  Devanshi Sharma

Genre –  Fiction

Price –  175

Pages –  187

What the book says about itself :- No Matter What I Do is a story entangling the lives of these four very different people who are bound together by love and friendship. Will the world mould them into its colours, or will they find themselves ?

No Matter What I Do…


My Review:– No Matter What I Do, by young and talented Devanshi Sharma is a vibrant collection of different personas and emotions. Four unusal characters tied together in knots of love and friendship walk the journey.

Amaira, Kabir, Suhani & Kushank
walking ahead and along.  High’s and Low’s , positives, negatives and much more come to them and over to it, life gave different meanings to each !
From dreams to aspirations, visions to targets, relationships to self-knowledge and most importantly setting up clearer connections with LIFE !

The story is precisely politic and holds full potential of attention.

Worth – 3/5

Connectivity – 3.5/5

Language – 4/5

Story – 4/5

My Rating – 3/5

Should readers buy this book ?

Yes. 🙂


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