Clouds Are Clearing , Enjoy The Sunshine !

Life is journey and we have to go a long way… With miles covered and miles yet to cover, It is certain to find unexpected turns, ditches and bumpers. The journey is not always smooth and enjoyable. Sometimes, it is really miserable and at a few others irresistible. Well ! Isn’t it true that only these traits make life worthy of living with full zest and excitement ?



Never knowing what would happen next but still planning for coming 10 years.. Hung between house to office but doing it over and over to earn some paper bits…  From thousands of people.. Choosing one, one to spend our entire life with. Sharing, Caring and rejoicing with similar souls wandering around in this journey


Making relationships, maintaining them, fighting for them. Taking lots and lots of pain for one smile, one hug and  one glimpse. Working hard day and night to gift someone his favourite dress. Planning and plotting to have the best of our plans works.



Life is such. Bits and Bytes of so much that we do. This, That and everything comes to make it. I have chosen to live the way it is, because I know that it is the best. Yes, I will grow and make it better and much more joyous.



Because all the seasons come together to make it my one complete year. When it rains, I  drown in the waters of mischief and peace together. When it is chilling, I hide somewhere in my own self with comfort… And Now when the clouds are clearing.. I AM ENJOYING THE SUNSHINE





Thankyou for reading.. Please drop your comments and walk with me Hand In Hand #TowardsBliss 🙌




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