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Hello peeps ! Today with us we have Author Shweta Shah with her bestselling and award winning fiction novel – I Wear The Smile You Gave !

I was certain that this interview is going to be really interesting and so it is. Here you go.




1. Tell us something about yourself.

A. I am Shweta Shah. Author of the romantic fiction book entitled, ‘I wear the smile you gave’. Having an experience of 8 years in IT, I am also a German Language Specialist. Currently I look after my family business. My hobbies are  travelling, reading, writing and playing tennis


2. Tell us a bit about I wear the smile you gave.

A. ‘I wear the smile you gave’ is my debut. It is a romantic fiction and is an inspired story from the lives of people around me. In this novel, the protagonist ‘Ajeet’ is a commoner – a boy next door who is away from the worldliness. During his initial college years he is infatuated towards a classmate named ‘Aditi’ . Aditi too is all head over heels for Ajeet however the confession of love by Aditi at a wrong time happens to screw up Ajeet. There is yet another colleague named ‘Sumi’ whom Ajeet falls for. Due to an unpleasant incident, Ajeet’s credibility is doubted. Thus, prove his worth not only to his family but also to stand all by himself, Ajeet joins army.  Years later a tragedy re-connects Aditi, Sumi and Ajeet once again however this time changing their lives forever.


3. ‘I wear the smile you gave’ is doing really great in the stores and among readers. How do you see your own story and the book today?

A. ‘Bestseller’ would be the word.



4. Talking about your personal life, do you think this book brought you to some other place or change your life?

A. I live this book.  This story is a real life story of my near dear ones. When I started penning down, all I learnt was to be stronger and face life’s adversities with a broad smile.


5. I am sure many book readers would have posted their reviews for the book, I want to know any incident or review which really touched your heart.

A. All reviewers are amazing. However there are two such amazing reviewers who reviewed my book. The inputs were honest. I really like people being honest and talking upfront. One of them was ‘Tushar.D.Jain’, he called me saying that actually tears rolled out of his eyes as the story proceeded.  Another reviewer, ‘Divyansh Mishar’, messaged me stating, that he is pursuing IIT and during the stressful times, this book was not only a breather but also motivated him to be strong.  





6. During the launch or the promotion, you must be travelling a lot. During this time, what do you wonder the most about? Like do you think about the session you attended or the future or just the present time of you and your solitude?

A. I preferably focus on the ‘NOW’ moment. While travelling, books are the best company I keep. And most importantly, what I love to do while travelling if not reading book is I observe people. Everybody has a story to tell and their gesture speaks it all loud.



7. Tell us some of your favorite writers or works that you really admire.  

A. I truly adore two most famous personas namely, Preeti Shenoy and Anuja Chauhan as my role models. I truly adore the way that they write and engage the readers in their books.  I have read each and every book by them and they work is highly commendable. I am on my edge with every page turn.


8. I am very much interested to know the story behind the birth of ‘I wear the smile you gave’. What led you to writing this tale?

A. It was always in my bucket list to be a published author.  The lives of people around me inspired me to write this book. I wanted to showcase to the world that despite of life’s adversities, one has to stay strong and face life’s challenges with a broad smile.


9. Now when your first book is published and it is achieving great heights. What are your future prospects?

A. Currently there are two books in the pipeline. One of which; would soon be published and would be available to the readers.


10. In the entire journey of ‘I wear the smile you gave’, are there any special mentions you would like to make, like people, places or incidents that really worked out in favor of the book and its success? 

A. The journey of ‘I wear the smile you gave’ was highly energetic. Two of my dearest friends, ‘Sucureena Fernandes’ and ‘Dr. Vishal Pagar’ were the backbone of it. Once the first draft of my book was ready, they were the ones who regularly dropped by irrespective of their busy schedule to read, discuss and help me further with the book. Their timely inputs were add-on’s. Most memorable incident was when till midnight we were discussing an episode, they were getting calls from their parents but they focused on finishing the discussion and later headed back home. This journey with them is very close to my heart. Max of the time, we were busy discussing the scenes whereas either of them heartily made tea for us. 





So this is all it was… I really thank Shweta Shah for being with me for this super interesting questionnaire.💝




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