Lovely Past Me – The Best Has Arrived! It is The Bose Quiet Comfort 35

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Music has always been a love of my life. In case when music was not allowed, my past self of school and college have always loved to wear those cool and big headphones to flaunt them and show off a personal style. I always kept repeating to everyone around that me and my headphones were the best companion.


Today, time has changed a lot and with time I too have gradually evolved. But one thing that has not changed yet is my love for cool headphones. Do I still posses headphones ? Well yes. But if you ask me that if I possess the same old ones then the answer is a big No.

Lets turn around and meet the past self to introduce it with my super cool, intelligent and swanky Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones 2. Β What if I say it has the most clear acoustic system ? What of I tell you it has a long battery life and is wireless ? I know you would not be that surprised to drop your jaws but now I will tell you something that will really make you drop your jaws.


My BoseQuietComfort35 has not just a superb acoustic system but it has a noise cancellation power too. Also, it has this power at three levels. That means we can set the noise cancellation according to our preference.


BoseQuietComfort35 is wireless and has sBluetoothtooth connectivity. With just one installed app you can easily switch devices.


BoseQC35 gives us a voice control that is, I can operate it with my voice commands. It can send and receive messages, read aloud a message for me, notify me of notifications and has a crystal clear voice over calls even if the outside environment is disturbing.


With an ability to control music and noise in a balanced way it has multifunctional buttons that offer access to our phone’s virtual assistant.


So, my little dear past self I know you are surprised with the intelligent features of my Bose QC35 wireless headphones. But trust me even I was surprised. When I used to travel it gave me the best company and assistance ever required. It could entertain me with its 20-hour playlist and a really long battery life.It became my friend in a true sense reminding me of all my set chores.






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