Good Life Begins From Good Mind


I wonder my past self of teenage when I had only ‘concerns’ in my life. Concerns that were, sadly, of no concern to anyone else around me except to a handful of friends who had the same issues like I did. Life would start from all the reasons that I have to worry, complain and cry about and would end at my actions of crying and sobbing and posing doleful pictures.



Well that’s how most of us function even after a lot of conscience development takes place within us. Isn’t it? How many of us look deep into our souls and try to reflect upon the changes that have occurred in the course of life. Okay, even if we do, we end up crying, sobbing and posing doleful pictures that we have changed somehow a to bad situations than before. Usually life is to be blamed and sometimes the society, the lifestyle and blah blah things.



It’s not just you… I do the same everyday. Complaining about so many things and on the other hand telling people about my belief on law of attraction and  universe and all the spiritual stuff.



So do I really deserve the results of these spiritually uplifting activities or practices? 


Well I suppose, No.



 With a wavy and uncertain mind, I am not eligible to any good in my life. To receive a candy from life I need to ask for only candy from life. Unfortunate, Life has no judgement ability. Universe has no judgement ability. It will reflect towards us what we would give to it.



Undoubtedly I don’t want more things to complain, problems, miserable conditions and more crying, sobbing and posing doleful pictures. I need cheerful pictures. Pictures that can uplift not just me but others too. Smiles that can spread. happiness that can bloom and mix in the air. Love that can infect more and more people and bliss that can be exchanged. 



So from where it would start? 



Yes of course from me, from my mind. From you and your mind.



When all of us would have a stable, happy, well-settled and determined mind, we can laugh, live and pose lively pictures.😊


Thank you

Glad you took a bit of time to read. 😊😊



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