Shining #Selfie Each Day With #Mobiistar Dual Selfie Camera Phone

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With the rise of the sun or  the slow f
Fading dawn, the moments of togetherness or the doleful facebook post, We never cease to capture.  Because Yes life is really beautiful to be backpacked home. 😚🌸

We have evolved with innovations or more appropriately innovations have evolved with us. There is so much in the World to feel,  experience, and tie in the knots of our memory forever. There is so much to take home and so very much to share. World is beautiful with the realisation that there lies abundance of love, laughter and lessons.

Cameras, phone and digital world are unoubdtedly the innovations that have penetrated to the bottom of our lives. I have a phone memory loaded with pictures. Pictures of me, My friends, My family,  My selfies,  My random poses,  My candids and Blah Blah Blah shots. Selfies that flood my phone and the stories behind them flood my heart.


Amazingly every single picture is dear to me, close to my heart and tells a short tale of that very moment. A story that I would cherish years, months or days later. Well this is the best advancement in the technology to me – the very ability to store and share live moments. Well if we talk about perfect pictures, perfect selfies then Yes, they do exist and exist for me, for you and everyone around.

The picture below is my most loved of all.  It reminds me of a day when I sat with my mates in college garden chit-chatting, gossiping and giggling. Amidst it, with no intention of it, I pulled my phone out, opened the camera and clicked. To my surprise and absolute amazement, what I got was a beautiful shot of my Smile. I still wonder why randomly I did that? But yeah, It is never a bad idea to pamper  your own self anytime and anywhere. 😚😄




I love it. I do that for many reasons. And when I edited it to this monochrome filter it became my favourite of all. 😘

It tells me about the good days of college. Also about the absolute positive attitude that I behold beneath. This brimming Smile,  twinkling eyes,  fluffy cheeks give me Smiles on bad and dark days. It is now essential and obvious to go back and relive some good days again, to gather the same Zeal and Smile through blues of that rush around. Well isn’t it life is all about experiencing bliss and sharing it?


Recently, I heard of a New mobile launch over flipkart and being a Selfie Lover was excited to find out the camera features of the phone.😝  The #Mobiistar brand promises to ‘Enjoy More’ and their front dual Selfies camera that Captures a 120 ° Wide-angle shot.    Let us shoo off the forgetfulness with passing time. Click more, capture more.  Wide-angle shots, picturesque bckground and high tech pixels can get us going over selfies whenever wherever we feel like.✌🙌

Mobiistar have various features on their New and advanced Selfie camera phone.  Check out the link 

#Mobiistar is also available on  #Flipkart

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Let us hop in the selfies again 😚😄






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