A Way To Deal With Wrong Choices?





I have wondered over and over and over, over a few decisions, about a few choices and regarding some reactions. What if there could have been some better option? What if there was another way? What if it wasn’t the best decision ?

uncertainties have always surrounded us and like there is no good without bad, there is no certain thing without those random thoughts of sheer uncertainty.


Many times I have wondered , actually pondered over a few of my reactions and have felt the absolute need of some divine assurance over my decision. But that is just not possible in this world. So how to deal with such dwindling decision-making?  Or shall I just share with you the negative part – where the decision has gone absolutely wrong!


Wrong decision are life taking undoubtedly but is there a way through which they can be settled to at least bearable ? Are you voting positivity or strength? Well if so, then I agree with you cent percent.

A few things in life are beyond control. They can go anyway they feel like and if they  turn to minus, we shall accept it with utter zeal, brimming positivity a vast strength. It’s easy to say and almost impossible to apply but that is where we make a difference between ordinary and outstanding.


So shall we conclude that with positivity and strength we can turn the wrong to right? Do you say that? Well, I don’t suppose so. For mer this strength and positivity will become a supplement to our good life. Accepting things in their real faces and dealing with positive outlook will make them manageable to a great extent.


All wrong is right to someone and all right is wrong to somebody else. All we have is this handful of world around us that includes our people, our dreams and our choices. It’s okay to make wrong choices, its okay to make wrong choices again and again but it’s not okay to stop at any of them.




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