Makar Sankranti, Kites & Good Deeds !

This time during school days I’d be palpitating with energy. Settled with the common, almost a foot wide kites in myriad colours in my kitty along with a spool(firki) of pink, yellow or black coloured string, moulded with broken glass, which renders it stiff, called manja I’d be raring to mount my terrace and unleash […]

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You, Me And The Good Space !

Some insane pillow fights and some cozy bed sharings, those ice-cream treats and shopping mismatches, you and me have always been together ! Love and the life in love has always been adventurous. 💝 🙌  You, Me and our small world. From any end I would begin from you and end at you. This is how […]

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Cosmetics & Essentials in your Bride -To-Be Bag !

True it is that being a bride is not at all easy. We need to take care of sooo many things for our own self. 
Here I have compiled a list of all the necessary cosmetic items that you need for your skin and body care both before and after the wedding.

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