GO GAGA !!      [Day 7 #AtoZChallenge]

Rains are the best  They bring love, joy and zest Washing away the dirt They cuddle romance and flirt The fragrance of soil And bright, blooming flowers The softness of wind And nature filled with fervor Are calling my heart To go gaga in the shower !! Hey friends ! I have taken up the […]

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ESCAPE (Haiku)     [DAY 5 #AtoZChallenge]

Beats humm their romance Her heart turned mellifluous No escape from love ! Hey friends ! I have taken up the April A to Z challenge and will be enthusiastically posting throughout this April with new concepts each day. Your feedback is most awaited !! Do drop your views and let me know your opinions. […]

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The TRIUMPH is long awaited !!

The triumph is long awaited Finely it has been conspired; Together the galaxy has worked From the day of my birth !! The destiny is far though Only I am blessed with its sight ; I am build such a way In difficile days and nights !! The machination is judicious Designed by the divine; […]

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