Be suspicious of convention! An Abstract From The Art Of Living

Recently I was reading the Book, The Art of Living, The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and effectiveness. The book includes famous writings of the great Stoic Philosopher Epictetus, that have been interpreted by Sharon Lebell.   Epictetus was a Stoic philosopher, born into slavery in the Roman Empire. He established a school of philosophy […]

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Lovely Past Me – The Best Has Arrived! It is The Bose Quiet Comfort 35

  Music has always been a love of my life. In case when music was not allowed, my past self of school and college have always loved to wear those cool and big headphones to flaunt them and show off a personal style. I always kept repeating to everyone around that me and my headphones […]

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Good Hair Days With #Evion Vit E

Dull hair, frizzy hair, rough or grey hair ! Most of us are tired with one issue or other of hair these days. No doubt that reasons can be many. It can be pollution or our dietary issues in this busy schedule. Whatever the reason may be but ย with small and simple everyday care, we […]

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