Wily, But All In Love – A Short Poetry

    Wily But all in love    She had stories in her eyes Unusually they were revealed As whenever they were to reflect, She’d close her eyes! He was wily, but all in love Each time she’d shut her eyes to conceal He’d kiss her tight and long, To let her breaths communicate!   […]

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You, Me And The Good Space !

Some insane pillow fights and some cozy bed sharings, those ice-cream treats and shopping mismatches, you and me have always been together ! Love and the life in love has always been adventurous. 💝 🙌  You, Me and our small world. From any end I would begin from you and end at you. This is how […]

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Clouds Are Clearing , Enjoy The Sunshine !

Life is journey and we have to go a long way… With miles covered and miles yet to cover, It is certain to find unexpected turns, ditches and bumpers.

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